Multiplying Billiard Balls, 1.75 inch - Orange by Fakini (M8) (House of Fakini)

Fakini 1 3/4" Multiplying Balls, Orange

Quantity: 1

Fakini Tournament Multiplying Billiard Balls are the gold standard. These are truly the finest set in the world.

They are easy to grip, they bounce if you drop one, do not chip like wood balls and are highly visible. They will not harden, crack or go to sleep as some other balls have in the past. The shell is handmade to fit each ball perfectly. The shell's finish also match the balls perfectly. It is also virtually indestructible.

They have a beautiful balance, are hefty and have a feeling of clinging for greater ease in manipulation and palming. They are washable, non-toxic and bounce better and higher than a regular rubber ball.

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