Close-Up Case - Pro by Ronjo - Speckle (Ronjo)

Pro Close-Up Case by Ronjo Speckle Paint Finish

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The Magician’s Choice™ Pro Close-Up Case _by Ronjo®
Speckle Paint Finish

The Pro Close-Up Case by Ronjo is a worker’s dream come true!   This sturdy case is handcrafted from Finlandian Birch plywood and measures approximately 23 ½” L x 16 ½” W x 6” H. Supplied with attached rubber feet for the base as well as for the bottom edge and quality carry handle for easy pick up and transport. Designed for a real worker in mind! Large top area for all your performance needs. Recessed top allows you to place one of our Professional Sized Close-Up Performance Mats (sold separately) inside for the perfect surface. Recess only goes around three edges, the fourth edge is flush with you mat to do lapping moves. Two piano hinge flaps open for your convenience. One on the performer’s view (to reach in and do pick ups or just to get or get rid of props), you can even attach a servant the front flap and one in the center of the top working surface, just tilt it up anytime you need to get deep inside this room box.

This box has so much space inside. You can fit all sorts of things inside the cavity! For the mentalist, close-up or platform worker, this case is for you!

Designed to be placed flat on a large table or with for use with a waiter’s tray stand (sold separately).

This is a limited edition item. When they are gone, they are gone forever.

Available in speckle paint finish or cherry wood stain.

Lock the latches with keys if you desire!

Handmade In the U.S.A.

Packaged dimensions 27" L x 19" W x 8" H Weight 25 lbs.

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