Folding Roll-On Table by Ronjo (Ronjo)

Sets up fast, Folds Flat!
Durable, Convenient, Easy!                 Highest Quality - Built To Last!
Made in the USA

$288.88 Excl. tax
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This table has been discontinued and will no longer be produced.
Original price $499.99.
They require too much money to lay out.
They take too long to build.
They take up too much warehouse space.
They take too long to sell.
Get yours while you still can at this very special price.
Once they are gone, they are gone forever at any price.
You can not afford to miss out on this opportunity.
This product is exempt from all other sales and promotions.

The Magician’s Choice™ Folding Roll-On Table by Ronjo®

Durable, Convenient, Easy!
                 Highest Quality - Built To Last!

Don’t stress about your performance ever again! 

The Magician’s Choice™ Folding Roll-On Table by Ronjo®, is here!

  •          Convenient to carry
  •          Easy to put in and take out of your car
  •          Easy to handle inside buildings and stairwells
  •          Rolls smoothly over virtually any surface all terrain casters
  •          Sets up and folds down to only 2" thick in seconds
  •          Quality thorough and through
  •          Best materials used for looks and durability
  •          Built solid to last a lifetime
  •          Ready to customize it the way you need it

    The table stands 35" tall, 24" wide, and 11" deep. With three removable shelves, which will hold magic, bottles, tubes, dove pans, etc., out of view until you're ready to use them.

Constructed of Finlandia Birch Wood and covered with a dark grey color nonwoven poly olefin fiber for a very professional look. Painted light grey on the inside, so you can see what you are doing!                                                
Hand Made in the U.S.A.                                                                                                                                                                              
Please Note: This product is exempt from all sales and discounts.

“I used your table when I presented my lecture at Ronjo's Magic shop on Long Island and I LOVED it!  The working surface was great, the shelves were very useful and the table was built to LAST! I would highly recommend it to anyone.” - Daryl - The Magician’s Magician

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