$100 Bill High Grade Prop - Each by RJR Props

One Sided - Heads Side High-Grade $100 bill prop. New-Style Blue-Stripe. Looks real as close as 12" away! It's considered counterfeiting to produce high-grade two sided bills. Don't take chances! You can get a production shut down and or sent you to jail

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Looks VERY realistic, like real money. Please keep in mind it would illegal if we printed real-looking money on both sides (it's considered counterfeit). We print on 1 side, and WE MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A REAL STACK: We put 99 fronts on the top, and 1 back on the bottom of the stack. That way it looks real, even if you flip it over. It's perfect for counting money, and for close ups. You can spread it all over a table, or couch or floor. This is the most realistic legal prop money in the USA. Perfect for close-ups, counting, briefcase or duffel bag. This is the same money used in many TV shows and Movies. It is also used by many artists in Music Videos. Note: If you want to make it "rain" this is not the right money to get because it's only printed on one side. If you need to make it rain, get our 2 sided standard grade. It looks perfect for rain scenes.

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