Photo Psychology by 808 Magic Store

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Phase #1.
Magician displays a card case and he explains there is his prediction inside.

Now, the magician asks the spectator to freely think of one card in his/her mind.

The chosen card is written on a piece of paper.

The magician opens the lid of the case and retrieves a playing card… NO, NO. Wait. It is not a playing card. What he retrieved out of case is a smart phone.

Then the magician asks the spectator to look at the screen of his phone….

WOW! The chosen card is displayed on the phone!!

Phase #2 (Phase #2 can be performed right after phase #1, without any re-set, another preparation, or any kind of interruption.).

Now magician asks the spectators to show their personal belongings on the table. The magician takes the photos and creates a new folder in the phone. These photos are placed into the folder. First, the magician decides which photo will be chose by spectator and he places the phone screen-down on the table.

Magician asks the spectator to choose one item from the photos he just took, then ask him/her to write it down on paper….

Finally, the magician asks the spectator to flip over his phone… WOW!! Magician’s prediction completely matches the chosen item!

As described above, chosen playing card, picture, etc.. can be predicted easily.

- An Ultimate Versatile device for all magicians.
- The device is very small, so no stress to carry.
- No need to touch the phone to control.
- The photo be used prepared one (your own photos that you've already taken before) or you can take photo with the spectator’s belongings.
- No Need to reset, so you can perform the same magic immediately.
- iPhone and Android device are required. Please provide your own.

(NOTE) This device requires later than iOS 8.0 or Android 4.3. Please provide your own smartphone. The app can be downloaded at no cost.

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