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Teeth and Nails

Fan-Teeth - Decay by NuDent LLC (C2)

Fan-Teeth Decay Color - Yellowish-Brown, a very nasty ugly l..

Tooth Enamel - White by Kryolan

To create the look of a a pearly white Hollywood smile, use ..

Nail Polish, Green Parfait by Blue Cross Cosmetics

Green Parfait Nail Polish - by Blue Cross Cosmetics

European Body Art Tooth Color Liquid Venom - Mold Green 0.2oz

The Venom tooth coloring provides an instant temporary, yet,..

Fan-Teeth - Zombie Swamp by NuDent LLC (C2)

Fan-Teeth Zombie Swamp - A nasty gross dark yellow and brown..

Fan-Teeth - Nicotine by NuDent LLC (C2)

Fan-Teeth Nicotine - A dirty yellowish-brown color!