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New Magic for the New Year!

New Magic for the New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our friends! 2018 is going to be a great year for lots of exclusive Magic items from! We are excited to tell you about some of them.

Happy New Year to all of our friends! 2018 is going to be a great year for lots of exclusive Magic items from! We are excited to tell you about some of them.

First on our list is our Miracle Coin Changer. This simple device allows you to visually change a coin of one denomination into another and to repeat it once more for a different third coin. No skill is required. It is completely self-working! You will master this coin trick in under two minutes! This was previously released in the 1970s and long unavailable. Now is your chance to get one for yourself! And for less than $20.00 you can't go wrong! CLICK HERE

Our Mini Pom Pom Stick has been off the market since 1995. It is finally back and better than before! Still available in aluminum CLICK HERE and for the first time now in brass CLICK HERE.  This is a precision made prop that does all the work for you allowing you to focus on your presentation. Great for restaurant performers or any walk around gig. Can still play very well in your typical children's show atmosphere. Think its too small for that? Try our stage size Pom Pom Pole! CLICK HERE 

Gary Brown's Sideshow Deck is so much fun! It is an interesting and entertaining story trick that has multiple outcomes. Spectators really love the olde tyme carnival theme and they love the artwork. This is definitely not your everyday card trick. CLICK HERE

Emojination is a Ronjo original. This is a topical, comical, ESP effect that fools magician's and fools them bad! Debuted and completely sold out at NEMCON 2017. This effect is our number one seller and has become a worldwide hit! If you don't have it yet, get yours NOW! Easy to do. Instantly repeatable. The more you do it, the more you confuse them! CLICK HERE!

The World's Largest Transformation Tube is here! Yes, we still have the World's Smallest Transformation Tubes in Aluminum and in Brass. Yes, we still carry the Full Sized Transformation Tube. But the Goliath is brand new and you are just going to love it. Huge capacity! Change anything into anything else, as long as it fits inside. Even liquids! CLICK HERE

The Alotta Mug by Gary Brown is a new organic version of the classic metal Lotta Bowls. The ordinary Coffee Mug makes this a no-brainer. And for under 20 Bucks, you should jump to get the modern version! CLICK HERE

Death At Hand and Fool For You are the same trick but with different themes! Not boing playing cards but Tarot Cards with a story to tell. These effects are based on Ammar's Mississippi Shuffle only Gary's versions are more entertaining and more deceptive.  CLICK HERE for Death At Hand. CLICK HERE for Fool For You.

Ronjo is the King Of Coin Boxes. We manufacture Okito Boxes, Boston Boxes, Slot Boxes, Plug Boxes, Double Sided Boston Boxes for a quarter, half dollars, silver dollars and jumbo 3" coins. We have one coin boxes, two coin boxes, three coin boxes and four coin boxes! We are also working on a Bit Coin Box. As we have too many to mention here, please take a look at our inventory to find the box that is right for you. What's that? We also have laser etched spinner coin box lids in a variety of sizes with dozens of images to choose from! We don't have the Coin Box or lid style that you want? Let us know! We can make it for you! Check out all of our Coin Box items! CLICK HERE!


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