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Nice Letter

Nice Letter

We received a nice letter from a client. We had to share.

Ronjo Magic:
Thank you for NOT being like every other ****ing business you have to deal with today!

It is so refreshing to speak to some one who actually remembers you.

The fact that when I told you the problem I had with the product you sold me. You did not blame it on me or tell me well. I have to call the manufacturer or some other B.S. Or I'll have to send it back to you and you'll have to send it back. Bla! Bla! Bla!

I just want to say you are a model for all businesses.

Thank you once again. I would recommend you to anyone I could think of. You are the Bomb! (Drawing of explosion)

Thanks Dr. El Diablo





  1. Eileen DiCosola Eileen DiCosola

    Yes!! Ronjo Entertainment is the BEST! We had a summer party last year and had RonJo as our entertainment. It was so much fun to see the thrill in the eyes of all the kids but what was even better was the look on the adults faces PRICELESS! We highly recommend RonJo entertainment to make an ordinary party one that will be remembered for a long time!! Thank you RonJo!!! Eileen, Guy and Azalina DiCosola

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