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Our new friend from Magic Live

Our new friend from Magic Live

Stan Grindstaff, our new friend in magic. Great guy we met at Magic Live 2018 wrote us a heartfelt letter about his experience at the Ronjo booth.

Our just completed coast to coast phone chat leaves me smiling. This was my experience at Magic Live!
Of the 50 some dealers, I returned to your booth the most often. It wasn’t just to see your new dress shirt & tie combination, it wasn’t just to buy more magic effects handcrafted by you, it wasn’t just to see you engage at a heart level with countless magicians—who became so enchanted they actually experienced something fresh & real & joyful WITH you, it was to deepen an inSTANtaneous friendship.
Out of this friendship, my own joy & confidence in magic is expanding.
I’m younger now at 72 than I was 30 years ago. As a professional performance coach, I celebrate your gift of inclusion, your joy that sparkles in your eyes, your timing that connects & uplifts & creates a feeling of being special.
With only kind thoughts,
Stan Grindstaff


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