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Rock Band Ghost!

Rock Band Ghost!

A brief history as well Garb and Gear a from the metal band Ghost!

Swedish metal band Ghost was fronted by lead singer and Papa Emeritus from the beginning in 2006 until his retirement in 2012. Papa Emeritus II took over as the new anti-pope for one year. In 2013 Papa Emeritus III became the leader until he was replaced by the newest leader Cardinal Copia in 2016.

All the while the musicians collectively known as The Nameless Ghouls and separately as Alpha, Air, Ether & Earth played the music for the church of Ghost.

Ghost won the Grammy Award in 2016 for Best Metal Performance for their song Cirice. Check it out on You Tube. CLICK HERE!

Ghost had been associated with anonymity since it’s inception in 2006 and for years, the band were only known as their fictional characters. The public never knew who the men were behind the masks.

It took a lawsuit by four of the Nameless Ghouls who over disputes of royalties before the public learned anyone’s real name.

Tobias Forge portrayed all three Papa Emeritus characters as well and Cardinal Copia.

The Nameless Ghouls
Alpha on guitar Simon Söderberg
Air on keyboards Mauro Rubino
Ether on guitar Henrik Palm
Earth on drums Martin Hjertstedt

The Nameless Ghouls claim Tobias promised equal shares once the band showed a profit. Tobias claimed the Nameless Ghouls are temporary hired session musicians.The lawsuit was dismissed by the court in Oct of 2018.

If you love Ghost then Ronjo has you covered with officially licensed garb and gear from Trick Or Treat Studios!

The Nameless Ghouls Resin Mask and Ghost Papa II Emeritus Deluxe Edition Mask With Hat; are terrifying looking masks that would complete of look of your Ghost costumes! These in our opinion are Trick or Treat's cream of the crop, with the exception of the new chromed Nameless Ghoul masks that are coming out early 2020.

If you are going to see this band live or going to a costume party, you owe it to yourself to show your love of the band by donning something from them. Even if you are rocking out at home with your friends we know you are going to have a great time with these items!

The above masks were sculpted by self taught artist Jason King
The hat was created by F/X creator Connor Deless.

For the many items not yet listed on our website, call or email us. We will be happy to take your order and we'll have your items shipped right to your door!

Original Nameless Ghouls Vacuform $12.99
Nameless Ghouls Latex $39.99
Nameless Ghouls Resin $64.99
Nameless Ghoul Chrome Resin $179.99
Nameless Ghoulette Chrome Resin $199.99
Papa Emeritus II Standard Edition $59.99
Papa Emeritus II Deluxe Edition $89.99
Papa 3 $59.99
Cardinal Copia $59.99
Photos are in order as listed above.
Ghost BC Original Nameless Ghouls Vacuform MaskGhost - Nameless Ghouls Latex MaskGhost - Nameless Ghouls Resin MaskGhost - Chrome Nameless GhoulGhost - Chrome Ghoulette Nameless GhoulGhost - Papa Emeritus II Standard Edition MaskGhost - Papa II Emeritus Deluxe Edition MaskGhost - Papa 3 Emeritus Mask
Ghost Papa II Robe $79.99
Ghost Papa II Hat $39.99
Ghost Papa Emeritus II Deluxe Staff $24.99
Cardinal Copia Costume $189.99
Photos are in order as listed above.

Ghost - Papa II RobeGhost - Papa II Emeritus HatGhost - Papa 2 Emeritus Deluxe StaffGhost Cardinal Copia Costume

Ghost Papa 2 Banana Scent Fear Freshener
Nameless Ghoul Strawberry Scent Fear Freshener
Photos are in order as listed above.
      Ghost Papa 2 Fear Freshener     Ghost Nameless Ghoul Fear Freshener

Nameless Ghoul
Antique Nickel Nameless Ghoul
Male Nameless Ghoul
Female Nameless Ghoul  
Ghost Papa Emeritus II
Ghost Papa III
Cardinal Copia
Photos are in order as listed above.
Ghost Nameless Ghoul Enamel PinGhost Nameless Ghoul Antique Nickel Enamel PinGhost Male Nameless Ghoul Enamel PinGhost Female Nameless Ghoul Enamel PinGhost Papa Emeritus II Enamel PinGhost Papa III Enamel PinGhost Cardinal Copia Enamel Pin

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