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Ronjo from Hobbies to Costumes

Ronjo from Hobbies to Costumes

How our store has changed over the years and the reasons we are selling our children's costumes for so little money.

Ronjo The Magician opened his magic shop at the age of 15. At the that time, he sold only 12 items. All of them magic tricks. Back in 1974, there wasn’t anywhere around to shop for costume items. As his inventory of magic supplies began to expand from 12 products, to dozens, then hundreds; more and more entertainers started not only shopping for magic, they needed garb for their act. Clown Costumes, Top Hats, Capes, Bow Ties, etc. What started off as doing some special orders for the local performers, soon became overwhelming with requests. The demand for costumes was apparent. Thus the shop known at the time Ronjo Magic & Hobby Shop to transformed into Ronjo Magic & Costumes. Then Halloween came and so did the people! Back in the day we had lines of people waiting outside just to get into the store. Lines reminiscent of the lines for the original Star Wars movie!

We always thought of Halloween as being fun for the children. While this is of course true, as it turns out, our client demographic for the ages of 15-65. So we mainly focus on costumes for adults. Never wanting to leave the children out of the fun, we have always stocked up on children’s outfits. .

The real problem is our showroom, is constantly overtaken incredible items. Just by coming into our shop and looking around out of curiosity alone, we know you would rather see the movie replica Freddy Kruger Glove from A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Necronomicon Ex Mortis from The Evil Dead and Gizmo from Gremlins or an incredible Gothic Vampire made of real fabrics instead of Disney’s Jasmine or Spider-Man for a 7 year old.

Whenever we were offered a choice, we would select the deluxe model costume for children over an economy one. Because we have always taken a stance to carry only quality items. But over the past couple of years, we have come to realize that cheap kids outfits available at Walmart, Drug Stores, Card Shops can be found everywhere and most parents do not wish to spend larger sums of money on their kids for something they will only wear for a few hours.

We have been slowly stocking less and less of the children’s outfits and have lowered prices on them over the past few years. In fact, if you look at many of our descriptions of individual costumes, you will see it says that many items have been reduced by 30%-50%. But here is the better news. Better news for you that is. We have just knocked the prices down again and this time across the board. Many below cost, some at or just above cost. So that note of 30-50% off isn’t accurate anymore. The prices are lower, much lower but it is time consuming to go to each item and update the description. Because you are reading this blog, you are realizing that you are getting a better deal than you thought you were. Now is the time to scoop them up! Because regardless of what you may think, kids love to play dress up all year long and if it were up to them, they would reuse their costumes if you make them available to them. There is no better time to pick up these great values. We will leave the prices as they are but once they are sold out, they will be gone forever.

We have costumes for school plays and oral reports, spirit week as well as career day. Costumes for dress up, summer camp and of course Halloween. Costumes from TV and Movies as well as religious and fashion costumes from various decades. Costumes for boys, girls, infants and toddlers.

After we clear out our stock, we might not ever carry kid’s costumes again. But for the time being, we’ve got quality children’s costume outfits at prices you will love.


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