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We Are Motörhead And We Play Rock 'N' Roll

We Are  Motörhead And We Play Rock 'N' Roll

Legendary band will always be remembered! Honor them with Trick Or Treat Studios Warpig Mask.

Motörhead was formed in the summer of ’75 by vocalist/bass player Ian Frazer Kilmister better known as Lemmy, guitarist Larry Wallis, and drummer Lucas Fox.

Lemmy was the band’s only constant member. Other members were guitarists “Fast” Eddie Clark, Brian “Robbo” Robertson & Michael “Würzel” Burston and drummers Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, Pete Gill & Mikkey Dee.

They rocked hard for four decades! Touring and Releasing a huge library of music and a ton of merchandise including Motörhead brand Beer, Wine and Vodka.

Their anthology consists of the following.
 22 Studio Albums
13 Live Albums
14 Compilation Albums
29 Singles
5 EPs
34 Music Videos
2 Box Sets

Lemmy has always said they were a rock and roll band but they have been credited with influencing the heavy metal scene. Lemmy has argued that they were more punk than metal.

Take a look at this clip from 80’s British TV Sitcom The Young Ones where Motörhead performs The Ace of Spades. The show was a little metal and a little punk but can you tell me is this song metal, punk or rock and roll? I guess it is still up for debate.

Image result for young ones tv"

In 1992 they were nominated for a Grammy Award for 1916 but lost to Metallica’s Metallica (more commonly known as) The Black Album.

Their music has been featured in numerous movies including Airheads and Tromeo & Juliet.

In the winter of 2015 Kilmister was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He passed away from cardiac arrhythmia and congestive heart failure days after his diagnosis.

Without Lemmy there is no Motörhead. The surviving line up of the band, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee have stated that the band was done with.

Their last album Bad Magic was released August 28th 2015. Exactly six months before his death. Their final recording was a Rolling Stones cover, Sympathy For The Devil which was later featured in a commercial for the 2019 Acura.  

Their music is timeless and will never be forgotten. You can keep their memory alive with Trick or Treat Studios’ Warpig mask. This awesome mask was sculpted by Rick Fisher. Fisher based his work off the band’s debut album cover which was drawn by artist Joe Petagno. Petagno got his inspiration for the War-Pig also known as Snaggletooth, The Iron Boar or The Little Bastard after studying skulls of wild boars, gorillas and dogs.

The War-Pig became an icon and was featured on most of the band’s album covers and merchandise. Now you can feature it on your face or just keep it as a beautiful collectable.

Born To Lose
Live To Win



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