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Rasta Imposta

Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs costume pair

Bacon and Egg combo platter costume. 

Rasta Imposta Hair Dudes-Curly Blonde

Sunglasses and strap with attached curly hair.

Rasta Imposta Big Daddy Pimp, Red with Zebra - Large

Big Daddy Red with Zebra - Pimp Large

Rasta Imposta Ring Toss - Adult One Size by Rasta Imposta

Ring Toss, join the fun and play the game. 

Rasta Imposta The Shocker costume

The Shocker hands down this is a good one. Play it safe or go wild. 

Rasta Imposta Teenie Weenies, Boxer - Adult One Size

Teenie Weenies - Boxer. Your face, a miniature body in the ring throwing punches and dancing circles around your opponents. 

Rasta Imposta King Me Checkers - Adult

5660 King Me - One Size Sexy Playable Checkers Game Costume Includes Dress, Checker Bracelet and 12 moveable checkers. 

Rasta Imposta Rasta Tam with Dreads

Rasta Tam with Dreads

Rasta Imposta Hair Dudes-Curly Black

Sunglasses and strap with attached curly hair.

Rasta Imposta Plug and Socket - Adult Plus Size

Plug and Socket - Plus Size

Rasta Imposta Clown costume Female - Adult One Size

Sexy Clown lets run away with the circus.

Rasta Imposta Sperm Costume - Adult One Size

Sperm, wiggle and dance it all over town. 

Rasta Imposta King Crab - Adult One Size

King Crab,  claw your way through every party..

Rasta Imposta Coffin Clutch Costume Handbag

Coffin Clutch Costume Handbag, soft and spooky at the same time.