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Rasta Imposta

Rasta Imposta Big Pink - Adult One Size

Big Pink Costume, Yes this is the center of attention of every party. Everyone will want to play with your costume.

Rasta Imposta Big Pink Adult Female Hat

Big Pink Adult Female Hat

Rasta Imposta Crotch Rocket, Get Waisted

Crotch Rocket are you glad to see me?

Rasta Imposta Ring - Adult One Size by Rasta Imposta

Ring Toss, join the fun and play the game. 

Rasta Imposta The Shocker costume

The Shocker hands down this is a good one. Play it safe or go wild. 

Rasta Imposta The Fire Extinguisher - Adult One SIze

The Fire Extinguisher You got the HOSE to prove it. 

Rasta Imposta Happy Halloweenie - Adult One Size

Happy Halloweenie it's fun to be the Big One! 

Rasta Imposta Sperm Costume - Adult One Size

Sperm, wiggle and dance it all over town. 

Rasta Imposta One Eyed Monster get waisted

One Eyed Monster Heres looking at you. 

Rasta Imposta King Me Checkers - Adult

5660 King Me - One Size Sexy Playable Checkers Game Costume Includes Dress, Checker Bracelet and 12 moveable checkers. 

Rasta Imposta Party In My Pants

Party In My Pants that is " wear" all the fun is, and everyone's invited!!!!

Rasta Imposta Pirate's Booty Pouch Costume Handbag

Pirate's Booty Pouch Costume Handbag. Nice rope straps with a draw string to keep your things safe.

Rasta Imposta Rasta Ring

Wear the opened top Rasta Ring ontop of your head and cover it with any hat.Lightweight and comfortable. Less itchy and less money than a full wig.

Rasta Imposta Clown costume Female - Adult One Size

Sexy Clown lets run away with the circus.