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Rasta Imposta

Rasta Imposta Hair Dudes-Curly Black

Sunglasses and strap with attached curly hair.

Rasta Imposta LW Hot Dog, Child 7-10

Child's Size 7-10Hot Dog Costume

Rasta Imposta Plug and Socket costume

Plug and Socket costume. Get our electric hand shaker to zap..

Rasta Imposta Pot Of Gold Handbag

Pot Of Gold Handbag, luck of the leprechaun 

Rasta Imposta King Crab - Adult One Size

King Crab,  claw your way through every party..

Rasta Imposta Coffin Clutch Costume Handbag

Coffin Clutch Costume Handbag, soft and spooky at the same t..

Rasta Imposta Beer Girl

Beer Girl costume, give me some suds....

Rasta Imposta Velvet Heart Handbag

Velvet Heart Handbag,purse. A soft velvet material with a n..

Rasta Imposta Fire Extinguisher Handbag

Fire Extinguisher Handbag with zipper closer. Plenty of room..

Rasta Imposta Pirate's Booty Pouch Costume Handbag

Pirate's Booty Pouch Costume Handbag. Nice rope straps with ..

Rasta Imposta Cocktail Hunny - Full Cut

Cocktail Hunny - Full Cut Plus size

Rasta Imposta Teenie Weenies, Boxer - Adult One Size

Teenie Weenies - Boxer. Your face, a miniature body in the r..