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Rasta Imposta

Rasta Imposta Big Pink - Adult One Size

Big Pink Costume, Yes this is the center of attention of eve..

Rasta Imposta Velvet Heart Handbag

Velvet Heart Handbag,purse. A soft velvet material with a n..

Rasta Imposta Renaissance Pouch Costume Handbag

Renaissance Pouch Costume Handbag nice handle strap with dra..

Rasta Imposta Fire Extinguisher Handbag

Fire Extinguisher Handbag with zipper closer. Plenty of room..

Rasta Imposta Pirate's Booty Pouch Costume Handbag

Pirate's Booty Pouch Costume Handbag. Nice rope straps with ..

Rasta Imposta Cauldron Costume Handbag

Cauldron Costume Handbag, purse. Draw-string in the orange ..

Rasta Imposta Whoopie Cushion - Adult

Whoopie Cushion Adult Costume

Rasta Imposta Cocktail Hunny - Full Cut

Cocktail Hunny - Full Cut Plus size

Rasta Imposta Deluxe Banana - Adult Plus Size by Rasta Imposta

Deluxe Banana Plus Size xxl tall or short your are the top ..

Rasta Imposta Sunny Day - Adult One Size by Rasta Imposta

Sunny Day Adult Sun Costume
Here comes the Sun and I say' It..

Rasta Imposta Crotch Rocket, Get Waisted

Crotch Rocket are you glad to see me?

Rasta Imposta Party In My Pants

Party In My Pants that is " wear" all the fun is, and everyo..

Rasta Imposta The Fire Extinguisher - Adult One SIze

The Fire Extinguisher You got the HOSE to prove it. 

Rasta Imposta Mr. Snowman - Adult One Size

Mr. Snowman MR. Frosty to you.