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Tightpac-Tightvac TV1-SBK Minivac, Black By Tightvac

The Ultimate Spice & Travel Container.
The single dose solu..

Tightpac-Tightvac Tightvac 4 Set, SET4-SDG - Dark Green and Black

Tightvac 0.29 Liter - Assorted ColorsVacuum sealed Dry Goods..

Tightpac-Tightvac Tightvac .8 Liter - Black

The CFV1 was specifically designed for a ½ pound of Coffee...

Tightpac America Inc

We offer the largest selection of vacuum sealed containers in the world. We have invented and developed 2 unique patented vacuum systems since 2005. We are the manufacturer and distributor of all our products worldwide.  All of our products are multipurpose & multi-climate and can be used for a huge variety of goods from foods to electronics. Globally we have sold over 10 million Vacs without advertising.  

Tightpac America Inc has firm beliefs about our Natural world and its importance to the survival of human beings, plants and animals. We do not cut corporate corners for any reason and treat people the way we want to be treated. We stand behind our products, investing in product certification from NSF International, a globally recognized third party product certification organization, founded in 1944 from the University of Michigan’s School of public health. We all make a difference in this world, our actions speak much louder than words so stay real and think about our planet, its spinning and so are we!

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