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Cinema Secrets Elven Ear Tips, Pair by Woochie

Cinema Secrets Elven Ear Tips, Pair by Woochie
Cinema Secrets Elven Ear Tips, Pair by Woochie
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Elven Ear Tips - Pointed Elf EarTips by Woochie Read more..

Latex makeup appliance, will give you those pointy Mr. Spock style ears. Great for Santa's Elves, Link from the Legand of Zelda Larper, fairies, cosplay and more.

They easily glue on with spirit gum adhesive.

Contains 2 latex elf ear tips and complete instructions for application and care.

If you are allergic to latex, do not use this product.

Required and Recommend items for proper prosthetic applications.

Spirit Gum 
Spirit Gum Remover

Apply with Spirit Gum
Remove with Spirit Gum Remover

Optional Items: 
Liquid Latex or Flesh Colored Latex
RMG Wheel or Castor Seal and Grease Makeup (Crème Blend Stick)
Severe Trauma - Makeup Wheel
Stage Blood or Blood Gel
Setting Powder or Face Powder
Powder Puff
Make Up Sponges and brushes
Make Up Remover

Adhering the appliance to your skin with Spirit Gum may look okay for certain prosthetics but to hide the edges, cover the transparency and match the colors, more things will be needed.

To blend the seams and to help keep the appliance on (from the outside), paint Flesh Colored Latex on the top edge of the prosthetic and your skin. If you want think you want to make it more realistic, you can use regular liquid latex (it costs less) but you will follow it up with RMG or Castor Seal and Grease Makeup.

Please note that latex sticks to latex and using liquid latex on any appliance may make it so that you can not reuse it. (You can try to trim away at it to get another use but doing so will compromise the way it will fit on you. So you might want to omit the latex step but keep in mind your overall look will suffer.

To color, use either an RMG Wheel (Rubber Mask Grease Make-Up) or Castor Seal and Creme Makeup. Do not use Water Based make-up, they will not cover the latex appliance. If you use Crème Make-up only, without the Castor Seal, the make-up will become transparent on the latex parts. RMG already has castor seal mixed into it. You will paint not only the appliance but your skin too. If a small appliance is on you face, cover your entire face and neck with the make-up. If you have a small appliance on your arm, back, etc., you can fade the makeup gradually so it will blend nicely without having to cover your whole arm, back, etc.

If you have a gory appliance, you will want to add a Severe Trauma Wheel. Paint Castor Seal on top of any latex that is to be covered with any bruised colors. Mix, blend and spread colors as desired. 

Using a powder puff, cover your make-up job Setting Powder or Face Powder. Once you have what appears to be way to much powder on you, dust away the excess powder and the make-up will show through. This finishes your makeup. Without it you will be wet, gooey and greasy. And it will look like colored Vaseline and anything you touch will get it on it. The powder dries it out so it will not smudge and takes the high gloss look out of it. Do not use Talc. It is not the same type of powder and you will not get a favorable result.

Add stage blood or blood gel if desired.

We highly recommend Makeup Remover! After your party, you will want to clean up and fast. Makeup Remover gets it off quick, easily and safely. It's not the makeup that can make you break out, it’s the way you take it off. This is the antidote. You can not wash grease off with soap and water.



Elven Ear Tips, Pair by Woochie

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