Chinese Sticks, Deluxe - 14 inches (India)

Wood Grain Finish Plastic Chinese Sticks 14 inch.

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You shows two large sticks. Each stick has got a string running through it. One end of each string has a bead on it and the other end has a tassel. At the beginning one string is inside the stick, tassel appears close to the hole. Other string with tassel is running outside the stick. Holding two sticks at v-shape in his hand as the performer pulls the tassel appearing close to the hole of a stick outward, tassel fixed to the other string is pulled back towards the hole inside the second stick and this business is alternatively repeated causing fun to the audience. Finally holding the two sticks separately performer repeats above business several times, proving that there is no link between two strings and that causes great surprise to the audience.

This classic of magic has never looked better. Especially for the price! These sticks are look like wood but are made from plastic for smooth operation! Great for parlor or stage.

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