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Decor and Props

Replica Gold Bar Prop - Filled

Replica Gold Bar Prop - Filled

$100 Bill High Grade Prop - Each by RJR Props

One Sided - Heads Side High-Grade $100 bill prop. New-Style ..

Foam Wrench by Randi Rain and Raincloud Magic

Soft Foam Props for film, theater, magic tricks, and gags.

Morris Costumes and Lacey Fashions Snow Flake Fluid - One Gallon by Morris Costumes

One Gallon of Quality Snow Flake Liquid for use with all Sno..

Animated Chainsaw By Gemmy International Corp

Animated Chainsaw Prop. Engine Noise with Moving Chain. Batt..

Forum Novelties Cut Off Arm

Latex Body Parts - Arm Prop Soft sponge filled latex arm cut..

Forum Novelties Fog Liquid - Quart (/114)

(Upper ledge,by speaker) Fog Liquid - Quart

Forum Novelties Haunted Bust

Haunted Bust - Can be used two ways!