Fuel Palette Activator 2oz. (60ml) by EBA (European Body Art)

Fuel Activator 2oz. (60ml) by EBA

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EBA’s Fuel-Activator effectively activates Encore palettes while containing a reduced amount of alcohol content when compared to standard activators. Its unique formula incorporates alcohol-free ingredients allowing for makeup application in more skin sensitive areas. When compared to alcohol only, Fuel also delivers a slightly longer drying time. Consequently Encore palettes powered by Fuel will require less product for re-activation and provide more “makeup work time” when necessary.

Since 2002 EBA has been providing performance based makeup products to the body art, beauty, body painting and special fx industries.
EBA operates out of a company owned, state of the art facility in Costa Mesa, CA. EBA operations house an R&D department and laboratory, warehouse and manufacturing facility, showroom, training room and offices.
EBA makeup products are designed, tested, formulated and manufactured in-house maintaining proprietary identity and performance.  Avoiding contract manufacturing or private labeling allows EBA to closely monitor production and quality and provide consistent and unique products at lower costs. 
EBA strictly and proudly complies with FDA regulations implementing the highest safety measurements.

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