Fang Tastics (C2) From Fangtasticks

Fang Tastics

Article number: GR-7116BP
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For all of you blood sucking vampires out there, we’ve got great affordable fangs for you.

Before Scarecrow Custom Fangs and Foothills Creations Dracula Fangs there was Fang Tastic® fangs. Get the original! 

From Looking Glass Inc.©, a Fang Tastic® addition to virtually any traditional Halloween costume! These fangs are easy to apply. The tops of the fangs may be trimmed with scissors to better fit short teeth. Side points of fangs may be trimmed for a closer fit. Cut a ½” square of the included adhesive (white felt-like material) for each fang. Dip each white felt square in water until thoroughly soaked. Lay the prepared felt across the cavity on the back of both fangs. Firmly push each fang onto your canine teeth and hold for 10 seconds. Enjoy hours of Fangtastic® fun! Great for Vampires, Goth, Demons, Devil, Monsters & Sorceress.   

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