Buccaneer Coins, Jewelry And Pouch (Forum Novelties)

Buccaneer Coins, Jewelry And Pouch

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Picture shows 3 Rings and many coins. This is NOT the case. The manufacturers changed the way it was packed for cost reasons. The image is of the prototype.

A pirate's treasure in a drawstring booty bag! Bag is filled with 6 plastic doubloons, 1 Ring and 2 Earrings.

Gold plated coins are marked with 100 on one side and Pirates Money with the Jolly Roger on the other side.

Plastic Finger Ring with faux stone (assorted colors).

One pair of large silver plastic clip on earrings with faux rubies.

Drawstring bag has the skull and crossbones embroidered on it.


Please note: Your bag may be Red or Black, no color option is available. Please allow us to choose for you.

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