Penn And Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit by Royal Magic (M8)

Penn & Teller & Royal Magic!

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Penn & Teller are the grandmasters of magic. You've seen them on "Celebrity Apprentice," "America's Got Talent," and their hit TV series, "Penn & Teller: Fool Us!" They've broken box office records on Broadway and are the longest-running headliners in the history of Las Vegas with their legendary magic show.

Now, for the first time ever, Penn & Teller introduce: "Fool Everyone: The Penn & Teller Magic Kit". Whether you want to baffle with illusions, pretend to read minds, do the classics of magic, or just have a good trick up your sleeve, Penn & Teller have put into this box all the tools and secrets you need to create miracles. Penn & Teller will teach you more than 200 easy-to-master tricks that will get you started fooling your family, friends, strangers...and with a lot of practice...maybe Penn & Teller themselves!

Some of the classic effects included in this magic set:
Cups And Balls
Penetration Frame
Zig Zag Card
Color Vision
Prayer Vase
Money Maker
And Much More!
Includes instructional DVD

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