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Graftobian Make-Up Company Castor Seal 1 oz.

Graftobian Make-Up Company Castor Seal 1 oz.
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From Graftobian comes this fine grade of Castor Oil product.

Castor Seal is used to add an oil content to any non-skin surface prior to applying make-up.  Without Castor Seal, often the latex or other appliance will absorb the oils from the make-up.  This can result in a very matte or 'chalky' finish to that area, making the area fail to blend in naturally with its surroundings. This particular castor seal also makes a great lip gloss.

An Application Tip:

You have just attached a latex or Foam latex appliance to your face and you wish to color it with regular creme foundation.

  • First you would stipple a thin layer of castor seal over the entire piece, then you would powder that down.

    Next, apply your creme foundation over the piece. By doing so, the creme base is less likely to get the chalky look it would take on if the foundation were applied to an untreated piece.

Castor Seal 1 oz.

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