Sword Bokken Katana 41 inch Polypropylene

41.5" Polypropylene Lacquered Antique Katana Sword

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41 ½” Long Polypropylene Bokken - Antique Katana Sword

A Bokken is a practice sword for martial arts. 

It will not break. The same size, weight and look as the real thing. This is a quality well made product that will withstand the abuse of training and battle practice but without the risk of injury.

This is an excellent fake weapon for use in LARP, Comic-Con, Cosplay or Halloween.

Though not a real weapon, this is certainly not a toy and is recommended for those ages 14 and up.  

Approved for Comic-Con or an Con. They look authentic but are safe. They will let you in carrying this!

Polypropylene Katana
41 1/2” Overall length
30 1/2” katana
10 3/4” handle

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