Portable Asrah Levitation by IBYD (Illusions By Your Design)

Portable Asrah Levitation by IBYD

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A girl lays on a thin bench and is covered by a large cloth. Slowly she rises off of the bench. Your assistant removes the bench. It's just you on stage levitating the girl. She goes up, down, forwards, backwards and pivots left to right & right to left. Up & up and closer to the edge of the stage, you whisk away the cloth, she has vanished! Only to reappear in the back of your audience, instantly.
 Only two of these were ever made in 1995, and we have one. In very good condition. A few nicks in the vinyl, nothing major and nothing that will be seen from stage. Never used, but has been moved around with us, put on display, moved to the warehosue, put on display, etc.

"Portable", refers to the mechanics of the body form. No special backdrops, special lighting or rigging are used with this method. The levitation and vanish are under your control the entire time. 
 If you are inventive and creative, you can use the Portable gimmick without the special bench, in a doorway, on a bed or a couch.  A full scale illusion that weights under 4 lbs and can fit in a paper bag!
The whole unit is about 50 lbs. and can fit in the back of most hatchback cars. Side legs can be removed and replaced easily with a few bolts if space is very tight. 
 There is another brand out there that uses a folding bench. The problem with that model is that the bench is not at all deceptive. Our bench looks like it is only 3 inches thick. Side legs are less than 1" thick. Support for body is made from aluminum and covered in black carpeting. Bench is made of wood & metal and is covered in vinyl with plastic molding trim. Top is covered in spandex material. This is a quality piece that is highly deceptive.  This item is sent by freight. Please give us your address so we can calculate trucking charges.   

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