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Magic Panel Board by Magic Goods

Magic Panel Board by Magic Goods
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A reproduction of The Danish Magic Xylo Panel Board Penetration made famous at Macy's in the early 1900s by Danny Tsukalis AKA Mr. Macy.

This prop has had many names in the over 100 years it has been on the market. Magic Panel Board, David Haversat’s Miracle Board, Panel Board Penetration, The Mephisto Coin Board

Place a quarter on the panel. Rub the coin or cover it with a  solid colored cup. You can make the coin vanish and reappear, change a quarter into a penney or make a coin penetrate the board and land on the table. (Other sided coins can be used to penetrate the board entirely.) You can do this completely surrounded and your hands are clean at all times.

Use it as a drink coaster. No one will suspect that its a magic prop. 

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