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Children's Show

Jester Boxes, Large

Jester Boxes w/ Sponges - Large

Wonder Bubbles by Trickmaster Magic

Turn a soap bubble into a solid glass ball!

Donkey Story by The Essel Magic

A funny short story with a surprise ending!

Multiplying Sponge Banana

Multiplying Sponge Banana

Ronjo Pom Pom Pole - Professional Precision Perfection (M9)

Pom Pom Pole by Ronjo Professional Precision Perfection

Marvelous Magic Box

The Marvelous Magic Box - make object appear, dissappear or ..

Breakaway Wand by Mr. Magic (M12)

Breakaway Wand (with extra piece & replacement cord) by Mr. ..

Deluxe Sucker Die Box by Funtime Magic (M10)

The kids scream at you becuase they think they know they tri..

Sleeve Bouquet 10 Flowers by Uday

These lovely feather bouquets are a great single-handed prod..

Dream Bag by Mr. Magic

A visual and pretty production!

Vanishing Crayons by The Essel Magic w (M11)

All the crayons vanish from a box full of crayons, and the c..

Chinese Sticks, Wood Finish - 14 inches by The Essel Magic w /994

Wood Grain Finish Plastic Chinese Sticks 14 inch.

Silk To Stemmed Rose by The Essel Magic w M11

Tuck a red silk scarf into your fist. When you open your han..

Classic Drooping Flower - Wilting Flower by The Essel w M11/995

This one always gets laughs with a funny presentation. At yo..