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Ronjo Secret Journey A.K.A. Chink-A-Chink by Ronjo /1003

Secret Journey A.K.A. Chink-A-Chink by Ronjo - Trick

RD Insta by Henry Harrius

CGI effect that you can perform LIVE.
“I hate that toy! I hate Henry! And and I won't change my mind until he gives me a box full of this wonder!!”
- Mario Lopez

Ronjo Gold Rush by Ronjo (M9/1015)

Gold Rush -  Classic 2 in the hand 1 in the pocket effect with surprise ending.

ITR, Invisible Thread Reel - Micro by The Essel Magic w M10/996

Use for a variety of levitation effects such as the floating bill or other light objects.

Kennard Mystery Box - India

Kennard's Mystery Box AKA Needle Thru Ring

The Chop Cup with Props and DVD by Magic Makers (M9)

Small Metal Chop Cup with set of crocheted balls, 2 rubber load balls and DVD by Magic Makers 

Sanada - Sponge Ball Gimmick by Magic By Gosh (M13)

Sanada Gimmick (Sponge Ball Gimmick)

Ronjo Amedeo's Lucky Light by Ronjo (M1118)

Amedeo's Lucky Light _by Ronjo®
It Will Knock Their Lights Out! They will never get the light to turn on!
See a demo here:

Ultimate Prank Kit by Trickmaster Magic

Trickmaster Magic presents the Ultimate Prank Kit

Stagger Ring - HImber Ring by Magic Makers M10

The Himber Ring is The Ultimate Linking Ring Illusion. Completely, Stagger Ring

The Magic Pixie Pen - Thurston Magic (M10)

The Magic Pixie Pen by Thurston