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ETSY Vintage Magic Card In Frame by Tenyo Magic and Mikame M-35

Vintage Tenyo/Mikame

From the late 1950's to early 1960's..

ETSY Vintage Magic Vanishing Wand, Incomplete by Petrie-Lewis MFG. Co.

Both Chome Tips and insturctions are missing from this box.O..

ETSY Vintage Magic Color Changing Bottle circa 1965

Show the Ginger Ale freely and put it on the table. Cover it..

Vintage Magic Act 3 Coin and Glass Vanish #903 by Reiss

Very rare item from 1975 Reiss Magic's Coin & Glass Vanish. ..

Vintage Magic Aldini Bowl Production by Mak Magic

Silks appear from from no where then a bowl of water appears..

Vintage Magic Sammy The Seal by Supreme Magic

Balloon pops and a selected card appears in its place!