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ETSY Vintage Magic Card In Frame by Tenyo Magic and Mikame M-35

Vintage Tenyo/Mikame

From the late 1950's to early 1960's..

Vintage Magic U.F. Grant's Genii Tube by Mak Magic

make silks appear from the empty tube.

Vintage - Bridge Card Deck Holders, Book Shaped w/cards

Vintage Bridge Card Deck Holders - Book Shaped w/cards

USED Card - Jumbo Jumble (M11)

USED Card - Jumbo Jumble An effect with jumbo cards that yo..

ETSY Vintage Magic Linking Rings 5 inch WHITE BOX by S.S. Adams

Quality 5" Linking Ring Set plated visible welds.

Vintage Magic Aldini Bowl Production by Mak Magic

Silks appear from from no where then a bowl of water appears..