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MENTAL DICE With Online Instruction by Tony Anverdi

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Band Writer, Pencil by Scott Brown from GHM Magic (M10)

Band writer (pencil) by Scott Brown - Trick

Ultimate Flashback - Book Test by Larry Becker from Magico

Everything you need to perfrom eight mindblowing effects! 

MagiCard by Mark Jenest from MagicSmith (M10)

MagiCard by Mark Jenest

Swami Gimmick by Sam Dalal and Funtime Magic (M10)

Swami Gimmicks 4 pc. C Type Nail Writer Set and booklet by S..

Scarab, S Super Lead - The Ultimate Boon Writer by Ray Piatt and Norm Van Tubergen(M10)

Scarab - The Ultimate Boon Writer S - Super Lead .079 mm dia..

Svengali Pad, 4 Set by Sven Lee

Perfect for everyday use at a great price

He's Not Here (DVD and Gimmicks) by Jamie Daws Alakazam Magic UK

He's Not Here (DVD and Gimmicks) by Jamie Daws and Alakazam ..

Mental Pen by João Miranda and Gustavo Sereno

Mental Pen - Probably the most diabolical gimmicked sharpie ..