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Torch to Rose M9/1004

Makes a great opening effect!  

Water Suspension Vase - Atomic Water Vase by Uday(M8)

Water Suspension Vase (Atomic Water Vase)

Copenetro - Coins in Glass by Bob Kline and Viking Mfg.

Viking Magic presents Bob Kline's Copenetro - Coins in Glass..

Astrosphere, Small by Mr. Magic

Astro Sphere (Small) by Mr. Magic

Magic Necklace Case aka Grandma's Necklace

Magic Necklace Case aka Grandma's Necklace

Silk to Egg by Vernet (M10)

Silk to Egg by Vernet - Trick

Vanishing Beer Bottle - BUD

Vanishing Beer Bottle - BUD

Backstage Milk Vanish aka Sucker Glass Tray

Backstage Milk Vanish, Sucker Glass Tray, sucker magic trick..

Ghost Catcher by George Murray and Nielsen Magic Co.

George Murray's Ghost Catcher by Nielsen Magic

Dancing Cane - India

The Dancing Cane - as used by David Copperfield, Harry Black..

Ronjo Alotta Mug by Gary Brown (/905/898)

Gary Brown’s Alotta Mug Magically Refills itself time and ..

Card Castle 17 inch by Uday (M9)

Card Castle (17") by Uday - Trick

Ronjo X-Ray Wand by Ronjo (M8)

X-Ray Wand by Ronjo is a funny card revelation! Packs small..

Egg With Hole, Plastic - For Silk To Egg by Funtime Magic (M10)

Plastic Egg With Hole for Silk to Egg Trick. Instructions an..

Large Silk Cabby With Handle - Dragon Design

Large Silk Cabby with Handle and Dragon Design

Eggsactly Egg - Medium w/Hole and Tirofog, Inc. M5

Eggsactly Egg - Medium With Hole For Loading Made from a rea..

Ronjo Candle To Salt by Ronjo (M9)

Candle To Salt - Light it, blow it out. Cover it with a clea..

Appearing Sword, Telescoping - by Michael P. Lair

Appearing Sword (Telescoping) - Lair - Trick