The Sight Unseen Case aka SUC (M10) (Mark Strivings)

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Available again after a 13 year absence! The legendary accessory that started a literal revolution in magic and mentalism wallets the world over! This is...The Sight Unseen Case!

It's a toolbox in your shirt pocket. With this inconspicuous business card case you can:
Nail Write
Pocket Write
Hold Out
and so much more!

Each case comes with a 20 page manual with techniques and ideas that will set your mind racing. Never leave home without it!

"One of the very few devices I carry with me everywhere I go" - Bob Cassidy

" of the top ten creations ever for the working mentalist." - Docc Hilford

"A brilliant, versatile tool. I have it on me every show, even if I have no plan to use it." - Marc Salem

"One of the most useful items in my toolkit." - Eric Mead

"...simply the best. It has been with me on a daily basis. It has never left my side and never will." - Garrett Thomas

" 'go-to' peek wallet." - Jeff McBride

"For walk around there is not a more well designed tool. It is the ultimate wallet to use in combination with pocket writing." - Banachek

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