Crepe Hair Dark Brown (Mehron)

Crepe Hair Dark Brown

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Used by Professional Makeup Artists throughout the entertainment world, Crepe Hair is used to create beards, mustaches, or sideburns on performers. Crepe Hair by MehronLeaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, comes in tightly woven braids of wool in 12 " lengths. 

Prep your hair first by pulling it lengthwise and then widthwise. Your one-foot length should now be close to 30” x 4”. Pull the hair through a wire pet brush or iron it for a straight hair look. Use it the way it is for a kinky look. Or tug at it for a frizzy look.

Use Spirit Gum or Liquid Latex when applying Crepe Hair to create their characters. Apply adhesive to your skin and onto the top edge of the crepe hair. When the adhesive is tacky enough, press them together. Cut the hair extra long. Once all the hair is in position, trim to size and neaten it up.

You may use Colored Hair Spray, Liquid Make Up or Hair White to color Crepe Hair if a special color, hue, or shade is needed for a particular character.

Crepe Hair is currently available in ten colors including: Auburn, Blond, Black, Dark Brown, Light Grey, White, Medium Grey, Light Brown,  Dark Grey and Medium Brown.

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