Scarab, S Super Lead - The Ultimate Boon Writer by Ray Piatt (M10) (Norm Van Tubergen)

Scarab - The Ultimate Boon Writer S - Super Lead .079 mm diameter, matches standard wooden pencil

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Swami gimmicks have been used at least since the days of the 19th century spiritulaism, and probably long before that. The ability to write a message surreptitiously after an event and have it written prior to the event offers limitless possibilitites for entertainment and mystification. That's why skill with a swami is one of the most potent weapons in the mentalist's armory -- some would say it is the ultimate weapon. Ray Piatt's SCARAB is the ultimate in a boon style swami.

Happiness is a SCARAB!

  • The beetle-shaped shell (from which the name "scarab" is derived) fits the shape of the thumb beautifully.
  • The elongation of the shell provides a "heel" that aids the stability of the writing.
  • The placement of the writing element forward of center provides a natural angle for writing.
  • Vastly superioir design compared to Jerry Sommerdin's Deluxe Swami Gimmick by Eric Mason

The SCARAB is available in these styles:
R - Regular Lead .046 mm diameter, matches mechanical pencil lead
S - Super Lead .079 mm diameter, matches standard wooden pencil
M - Waxy Marker
matches Listo, China marker, Scripto crayon
B - Black Beauty Kit Heavy black lead, similar look to editing or carpenter's pencil. Designed for replacement of lead; comes with five extra tips.
T - Stylus Tip
Polished bearing stock; use for carbon impression
W - Wax
For Ahes on the Arm

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