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Forum Novelties Glasses - Wind Up Wiper, assorted colors (reg)

Assorted Color Frames - Windshield Wiper Eyeglasses!

Art Bank by Tenyo Magic

Tenyo's Art Bank Invisible Savings - The artistic coin box f..

Freaky Foam Lighter by D. Poynter Designs

Freaky Foam Lighter, Joke Lighter and Can of Foam.

Liquid Assets Novelties LLC Liquid ASS Fart Prank - Mister (C3)

Novelty spray pump bottle filled with one ounce of an authen..

4 inch Deluxe Switchblade Comb

4 inch Button Press Butterfly Comb

Forum Novelties Gun Power Screwdriver, Pink

Cordless Screw Gun shaped like a revolver in pink! Includes..

Sun-Staches Deadpool Sunstaches

It's the Merc With a Mouth... in sunglass form!

Foam Rock Boulder - Large by Magic By Gosh

Foam Rock Boulder (Large) - Trick

Web Attack R/C Tarantula by Fantasma Toys

Remote Controlled Web Attack Tarantula

Forum Novelties Squirting Flower - Jumbo 6 inch

Squirt Flower gag! Great fun for a clown or joker. Or modify..

i Wipers - Wiper Glasses (Colors Vary)

Flashing Lights & Moving Wipers!

Giant Syringe Pen

Giant Hypodermic Needle Syringe Pen

Replica Gold Bar Prop - Hollow

Replica Gold Bar Prop - Hollow 

Switchblade Comb by Accoutrements

Switchblade Comb - Great for your 1950' Greaser costume.

Shock Pen by Empire

Shocking Pen - Empire