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A genuine vintage Ouija Board for contacting spirits and otherworldly entities.

Freaky Foam Lighter by D. Poynter Designs

Freaky Foam Lighter, Joke Lighter and Can of Foam.

Replica Gold Bar Prop - Hollow

Replica Gold Bar Prop - Hollow 

4 inch Deluxe Switchblade Comb

4 inch Button Press Butterfly Comb

Ronjo Snot Rag - Dirty Handkerchief Gag

Snot Rag - The dirty handkerchief gag! Eeeeh it looks fresh and wet. 

Liquid Assets Novelties LLC Liquid ASS Fart Prank - Mister (C3)

Novelty spray pump bottle filled with one ounce of an authentic ass smell! Liquid Ass is the best, worst smelling prank product on the market.

Book - Tarot Unveiled: The Method to Its Magic by Laura Clarson and U.S. Games (M7)

Tarot Unveiled: The Method to Its Magic by Laura Clarson
1988 edition softcover

Whoops - Fake Vomit Throw Up by Fun Inc.

Whoops - Fake Vomit throw up. Add a little water on top and it looks so real. We also sell BARK spray that is gross. Spray some around the area and it's all over. 

Forum Novelties Toilet Seat Turd

Toilet Seat Turd oops I missed

Forum Novelties Squirting Flower - Jumbo 6 inch

Squirt Flower gag! Great fun for a clown or joker. Or modify it a bit and make anything squirt!

Art Bank by Tenyo Magic

Tenyo's Art Bank Invisible Savings - The artistic coin box full of mystery!
Vintage Tenyo from 1989!

Clear Crystal Ball 6 inch - 150mm by Amlong Crystals (901)

Clear Crystal Ball 6 inch - 150mm

Self Inflating Whoopie Cushion

Self Inflating Whoopie Cushion. What a great upgrade to the original. Now you are always ready. It is filled with foam so it self inflates to start over again (instantly) 

Forum Novelties Witch Cauldron Cooler

Witch Cauldron Cooler

Million Dollar Bill - EACH

Million Dollar Bill - EACH

Juggling Balls Pro, 4 Panel 3 Set Org/Wht, Grn/Wht, Purp/Wht Ultra Leather Bird Seed Filled by Ronjo

3 set ultra leather 120 gram, four panel professional juggling balls.

Trick Or Treat Studios Puppet/Prop Gremlins - Gizmo

Absolutely every detail of Gizmo is present in this incredible hand puppet. From his dimensions to his hair, this is as close as you'll ever come to having the actual Gizmo Prop in hand..

Forum Novelties Hot Pepper Candy

Check out our other "prank candy" flavors!

Forum Novelties Jumping Candy

Check out our other "prank candy" flavors!

Sun-Staches Super Mario Brothers Mario Sunstaches

It's-A-Me! Super Mario Sunstaches