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Exploding Pen by Joker

Exploding Pen. Load it with a cap. Remove the pen cap, it ma..

Liquid Assets Novelties LLC Liquid ASS Fart Prank - Mister (C3)

Novelty spray pump bottle filled with one ounce of an authen..

Forum Novelties Squirt Lighter

Squirt Lighter Squirts Water when you go to light the cigare..

Shock Gum

Shock Gum Joke

Ronjo Snot Rag - Dirty Handkerchief Gag

Snot Rag - The dirty handkerchief gag! Eeeeh it looks fresh ..

Forum Novelties Refrigerator Chain and Lock Joke Magnetic by Forum Novelties

Great gag item to lock up your refrigerator! The ultimate re..

Forum Novelties Over The Hill Decision Dice

Great Over The Hill gag gift for those monumental birthdays ..

Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Ball Assortment Set by Trick Golfball Company Ltd.

Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Ball Assortment Set 4 Pack Of D..

Rubber Chicken by Loftus International

Rubber Chicken, flexible and fun gag to pull out from anywhe..

Whoops - Fake Vomit Throw Up by Fun Inc.

Whoops - Fake Vomit throw up. Add a little water on top and ..

Bang String / Pulling Fireworks

One box of 12 Bang String / Pulling Fireworks

Dollar Bill Snatcher by Loftus International

Dollar Bill Snatcher - Money jumps into your hand!

Self Inflating Whoopie Cushion

Self Inflating Whoopie Cushion. What a great upgrade to the ..

Forum Novelties Auto Exhaust Whistle (/242)

Auto Whistle, they will run to the mechanic to have the car ..

Bang Snaps

Bang  Snaps or Pop Pop Snappers

Ronjo Squirt Ketchup

Squirt Ketchup - Trick