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Forum Novelties Squirt Pen (/244)

Looks like an ordinary pen but it squirts water!

Giant Syringe Pen

Giant Hypodermic Needle Syringe Pen

Forum Novelties Bloody Soap

Bloody Soap, Switch out the bar of soap and watch the fun be..

Self Inflating Whoopie Cushion

Self Inflating Whoopie Cushion. What a great upgrade to the ..

Forum Novelties Fart Powder

Fart Powder that mixes with food or drink. This is safe and ..

Forum Novelties Magic Poop Putty

Amazing Stretchy Magic Poop Putty! Bounce it! Stretch it! Pl..

Liquid Assets Novelties LLC Tex Ass - Mister Spray (C3)

One bottle of Tex–ASS novelty stink spray.

Cloud-Flite Exploding Golf Ball 4 Pack

4 pcak of One Time Use Cloud Flite Exploder Golf Balls 

Higgins Brothers Juggling World's Finest Juggling Kit (M5)

Colors Will Vary - Sorry no option for color choice for onli..

Forum Novelties Gun Power Screwdriver, Pink

Cordless Screw Gun shaped like a revolver in pink! Includes..

i Wipers - Wiper Glasses (Colors Vary)

Flashing Lights & Moving Wipers!

Shock Gum

Shock Gum Joke

Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Ball Assortment Set by Trick Golfball Company Ltd.

Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Ball Assortment Set 4 Pack Of D..

Rubber Chicken by Loftus International

Rubber Chicken, flexible and fun gag to pull out from anywhe..

Fortune Teller Fish

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish
For orders of 20 or more, save b..