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Ronjo Alotta Mug by Gary Brown (/905/898)

Ronjo Alotta Mug by Gary Brown (/905/898)
Ronjo Alotta Mug by Gary Brown (/905/898)
Ronjo Alotta Mug by Gary Brown (/905/898)
Ronjo Alotta Mug by Gary Brown (/905/898)
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Gary Brown’s Alotta Mug Magically Refills itself time and again! Read more.. is excited to bring you our EXCLUSIVE effect – the Alotta Mug by Gary Brown.  

What is the Alotta Mug?  It applies the principle behind the classic lota bowl to an ordinary-looking plastic travel mug.   Unlike traditional lota effects, the Alotta Mug is

• an everyday object, rather than a stage prop. 
• lightweight and easy to pack.
• usable close-up, for stage or parlor work 
• very affordable.

And yet, this little wonder packs the same comedic punch as a traditional Lota effect: Empty water from the mug, slowly and deliberately, making it clear that not a drop remains.  You can even have spectators peer into the mug to verify that not a drop remains.  A moment later, magically, you pour water from it again!  Repeat this several more times.   

Open your show with it. Use it as a running gag through your show.  Finally close your show with it!  Self Working!  Easy and fun to do.   

Action stills are of Champion magician Guo performing with our Alotta Mug on China’s Got Talent!

Consider the words of Nathan Kranzo, who recently obtained several for use on a magic television series: “I think Gary Brown's Alotta mug is one of the most magical ordinary props I have ever seen. It is so unassuming and so natural looking. The prop mug works great. I love it. I can't recommend it highly enough” - Nathan Kranzo

Perfect for kid shows, restaurant work, bar magic, etc.  One quick note for performers: the mug is capacious, holding, as David Oliver noted in his review, approximately 35 ounces of liquid.  Because of its unique design, the amount of liquid diminishes with each pour.  There are several techniques you can use enhance the effect – including the height and timing of the pours, and/or the use of a graduated receptacle.  Either way, it’s an amazing thing to see.   The mug is also supplied with a lid, which can be employed to your advantage in a close-up situation.  

We have a limited supply of this item.  Should you get one?  Well, in his review of the Alotta mug for Genii magazine, master magician David Oliver praised its “re-engineered” features, noting it was “easy to load” and that the trigger was “in a logical spot” and “ergonomically effective.”  He concluded by noting: "Can be done on stage or close-up. Great for kids or adults.  Extremely well-made and easy to do.  You can’t go wrong for the price…. Recommended.” -David Oliver

David’s right – you should get one before they’re gone. 


Alotta Mug by Gary Brown (/905/898)

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