Beginner Close Up Kit - Ages 10+ (Ronjo)

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Recommended for anyone ages 10 and up looking for a basic introduction to sleight of hand.

Our Beginner Close-Up Kit is a great way to get your feet wet or rather hands into some real Professional Close-Up Magic. These effects do not require knuckle busting skill, but do require some work and practice from you.

You get these three fun effects; Place Your Bet, Pencil Through Card, Jamboree Jewells plus a RED Table Topper Sized Magician’s Choice Performance Close-Up Mat (7"  12 1/2").

Place Your Bet:
A red 25 cent poker chip magically turns into a green 50 cent chip. The spectators think they know the secret, but to their surprise, the chip becomes a real Half Dollar!

Jamboree Jewells:
It's a jumping jamboree...A black plastic rod has a green gem stone on each side. With a flick of the wrist, they change to yellow and then to red! Look again the 3 stones: yellow, red and green are now on both sides!

Pencil Through Card:
A card is selected and signed by a spectator.  The performer borrows a cigarette or a pencil and pushes it right through the signed card!  The cigarette or pencil is now removed and the card is returned to the everyone's amazement, the card is intact, with no hole in it! 

Table Topper:
Get the attention and respect your magic deserves. Showcase it on a Magician's Choice Performance Mat by Ronjo. Our close-up mats have a thick rubber backing that grips the table eliminating unwanted movement. The durable hand washable surface is perfect for silent moves and super-smooth card spreads. Our close-up Pads allow objects to be picked up quickly and easily.  Great for stage or close up!

And just who relies on the Magician's Choice Performance Mat?
David Roth, Eric DeCamps, Terry Lunceford, Bob Fitch, Simon Lovell, Dan Fleshman, Doc Eason, Johnny Thompson and Lennert Green, just to name a few. If these Living Legends of Magic rely on the Magician's Choice Performance Mat for their professional routines. You will too! 


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