Electric Deck Deluxe - Tetra 4 Color Fanning by Ronjo (Ronjo)

Self-working - Four Color Fanning - Electric Deck

Quantity Available: 85

The most versatile Electric Deck that has ever been constructed. Cards move and flow in any direction, even in a circular pattern! Spread, Fan, Rotate & Waterfall. Completely Self-Working!

This deck is constructed from a Magic Makers Bicycle Tetra 4 Way Fanning Deck. Now make your waterfalls in splashes of color! Make fans in red, yellow, blue and green without any effort. 

This is a great training deck for manipulations! 

Pro Tip: Add a few real loose cards to the pile, (from a standard Tetra Deck sold separately) you can now shuffle, cut and even have a card selected. Openly or secretly remove these cards and proceed with your routine!

Check out our demonstration video!

Please note: Your Bicycle box case may or may not be a Tetra Box. It could also be a standard red or blue Bicycle box. The reason is that one-half of this specialized deck is manufactured from standard red or blue Bicycle cards. The red or blue backs are unseen at all times.




“I have put together what I think is a very nice exhibition routine. 


It's kind of funny because I am a sleight of hand devotee so avoid the temptation of gimmicks.  I have never had a lot of resistance to using gimmicks as long as it looks good.  


Since the ad copy says this is a good training deck for exhibition fans (and it is!), I just have to smile that here I, of all people, am actually using it for performance.  And I just love it!  It looks so good, how could I resist?  


“My new decks arrived today.  I love, love, love them! Thank you for the speedy service! The EASE of performance allows me to relax and enjoy the presentation.  Card fans with no pressure - how about that?! (Okay . . . bad joke, but true).” Carol H.

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