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Ronjo ESP/Close Up Magic Kit - Ages 10+

Ronjo ESP/Close Up Magic Kit - Ages 10+
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Perfect starter kit of pro items for the beginner.

Includes a Burgundy color Classy The Magican's Choice Perfomance Close-Up Mat and three great effects!

Classy Mat:
Get the attention and respect your magic deserves. Showcase it on a Magician's Choice Performance Mat by Ronjo. Our close-up mats have a thick rubber backing that grips the table eliminating unwanted movement. The durable hand washable surface is perfect for silent moves and super-smooth card spreads. Our close-up Pads allow objects to be picked up quickly and easily.  Great for stage or close up!

And just who relies on the Magician's Choice Performance Mat?
David Roth, Eric DeCamps, Terry Lunceford, Bob Fitch, Simon Lovell, Dan Fleshman, Doc Eason, Johnny Thompson and Lennert Green, just to name a few. If these Living Legends of Magic rely on the Magician's Choice Performance Mat for their professional routines. You will too!

Peek A Boo:
Have them rolling in the aisles!

A spectator selects a card and is asked to stare at it while you attempt to "read their mind".  In the meantime, you take out your Y2K magic wand (actually a telescoping silver wand with a mirror on it).  Tell them to concentrate while you try to get good reception.  You extend the wand, turning it into an "antenna".  Now you place it behind their head and draw them in close for a better transmission.  For the first time everyone but your spectator can see the attached mirror.

You try to get a clear view of the card.  Everyone is laughing hysterically except for your spectator.  Your spectator will be curious as to why they are laughing.  Your volunteer will try to turn around and see what you are doing but you will always be one step ahead of them.  After the laughter subsides, you show that the back of the mirror has a label printed with the chosen card!  This is a very funny bit that is a sure fire hit!

Peekaboo Includes 10 assorted card stickers with a hysterical routine

Cross Town Paddle:
A fun traffic trick! Talk about getting stuck in traffic and at red lights on the road. As each light changes green, the next one you come to is always red. You mimic this while showing the paddle with four gem stones (3 red and 1 green) on both sides. 4 times the red stone (red light) travels to a different spot on the "highway", from your trip home to the market, then back home again 4 more times. You forgot something and have to do it all again. But not for the way home, you skip through all the lights at once this time (the green gem/light jumps to where you want it to). When your spectators try they will always be stuck at a light that never changes! Only you have the power to make that happen.

Patter is very important to the success of this routine, which is why this hot rod comes complete with crosstown paddle, instructions and patter.

The Magician's Box

A packet of laminated business cards is shown. They have a single number printed on it 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9. These are shuffled by an audience member.

A plastic box which contains a prediction is given to another member of the audience.

Next you bring out a set of larger laminated cards numbered 1-9 are shown. Each card has 99 pictures on them.

Another audience member selects any picture they want.

Then 3 business cards are selected. The number on the first card decides which picture card to use.

They place their finger on start.

The number on the second card & third cards determines how many steps to go (from start on the picture card). From the number on the 2nd card, they move horizontally from start. From the number on the 3rd card, they move vertically from the previous picture landed on. (vice-versa) till they can't move anymore.

The final picture they land on matches the prediction in the box that they have held onto since you began.

99x9 possibilities and it matches! All may be examined. Very sneaky and easy to do.

ESP/Close Up Magic Kit - Ages 10+

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