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Ronjo Ronjo Magic Set, Deluxe - Ages 10 to Adult

Ronjo Ronjo Magic Set, Deluxe - Ages 10 to Adult
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Amazing magic tricks for beginners of all ages! A great package value! Read more..

The Ronjo Magic Set is is a great magic kit for any beginner!
Ages 10 through adult.  
Contains these amazing effects.  

Cups And Balls - Balls repeatedly penetrate through the solid cups!
Ball And Vase - A ball appears and disappears from the vase and your pocket!
Egg Posure - Turn a silk hanky into an egg.
Haunted Hanky - A folded up hanky magically rises in the air as if a ghost were trying to escape from the folds.
Flowers From Fingertips  - Pluck a rose out of thin air and drop it into a box. Repeat over an over as often as you like.
Ultimate Coin Bag  - A coin is seen inside a mesh bag.Dump the coin into your hand and it visibly disappears.
Ring Off Spoon  - The spectator holds the bowl of a spoon while you place a brass ring over the handle of a spoon. Cover everything with a hanky. Tap top of the cloth and the ring falls into you waiting hand.
Micro ITR -  Levitate a dollar bill in mid air!
Breakaway Wand - You solid wand falls apart the moment your spectator touches it.
Magic Marshmallows - Foam marshmallows travel invisibly from your hand into you spectator's closed fist!

Complete with full instructions.

This set is also a fantastic value! If you purchased all these products separately, expect to pay about $100!

Ronjo Magic Set, Deluxe - Ages 10 to Adult

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