Mini Pom Pom Stick - Aluminum by Ronjo (/1001) (Ronjo)

Mini Pom Pom Stick

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The World's Smallest Pom Pom Stick! The magician shows a small aluminum stick, approximately 3" long, with a long string passing through one end and a short string through the other.  A colored pom-pom is attached to each string end.  Pull one of the pom-poms on the short string down and a pom-pom on the long string goes up.  As you pull on different pom-poms, others go up until spectators are sure the strings are attached.  Then you pull the stick apart, proving that there is no connection!

Comes complete with Pom-Pom Stick, detailed instructions and funny routine.

Check out our demonstration video!

Gary 29-05-2017 04:02

Picked this up recently, and was amazed at how beautifully machined this item is. And while it struck me as something of a puzzle, it plays very strong, baffling the spectators and lending itself to very funny patter. You won't regret getting this.

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