Mini Transformation Tube - Aluminum (M9/1118) (Ronjo)

Changes anything into anything else as long as it fits inside!

Quantity Available: 21

The world's first! The world's smallest! The mini Transformation Tube. Available in Lightweight Aluminum and Heavy Brass.

The performer places three different colored silks (not included) inside the transformation tube.  The tube is tossed in the air.  When reopened, the silks have transformed into three different color liquids that match the silks! 

Place a stack of quarters inside and pull out a five dollar bill! 

Transforms anything into anything else as long as you can fit it inside! 

If you get two, you can make objects change places from one tube to the other and back again!

A professional Bizarre Magik routine entitled Neo-Alchemy created by David Birtwell using the Ronjo Mini Transformation tube can be found in Mary Tomich’s book; The Altar Flame Bound And Complete.

Alternate image shows Mary Tomich and Ronjo at the 2016 ICBM Magic Convention in CT.

To purchase The Altar Flame, CLICK HERE.

The Transformation Tube comes with a specially made brass canister (approx. 3" tall, 2" wide) and instructions.

Can hold a bit more than 6 ounces of liquid (3 on each side) 

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