Miser's Coin Cup - Standard by Ronjo (M14) (Ronjo)

Money doesn’t grow on trees but you can pluck it from mid air.

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You reach into the air and pluck a Half Dollar seemingly from nowhere. Then drop it into a cup. They see it and hear it go into the cup. Reach up again and produce another coin. Again you drop it into the cup. Again and again you produce coin after coin from mid air. Repeat as often as you like! For the grand finale, as you are dumping out all the coins you just made appear, only one large 3” Jumbo Half Dollar emerges from the cup. The cup is empty! Finish clean!  Easy to perform and requires no sleight of hand. Everything you need is supplied!

Comes complete with Coin Producing Gimmick, Genuine Half Dollar, 3" Jumbo Coin, Tin Cup and easy to follow instructions. 

Gimmick is available in Standard (for most adults) or Junior (for women and teens) Sizes.

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