Mystic Ruby Paddle by Ronjo (M9) (Ronjo)

Mystic Ruby Paddle

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Rubies and diamonds switch places. Only you can make it happen! A baffling effect that can be examined. And when your spectator tries to repeat what you just did, they can not do it! There are six phases to this routine:

  • Rubies are sandwiched between the diamonds on both sides.  
  • Shake the rod; the rubies are now above the diamonds. 
  • Squeeze the center diamonds. The rubies are back in place. 
  • Pull down on the rubies. They are now at the bottom.   
  • Flick the bottom of the rod; the rubies are back in the middle again. 
  • Slide the ruby on one side to the top and leave the other ruby in the middle. 
  • Can be examined. Tell them to move either ruby so that it is aligned with the ruby on the other side. No one else can do it.
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