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Ronjo Pro Close-Up Magic Kit - Perform 42 Tricks

Ronjo Pro Close-Up Magic Kit - Perform 42 Tricks
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A $51.99 Value if purchased separately.

Perfect for beginners ages 12 and up.

Perform 42 amazing and professional card, coin and close-up effects with our Pro Close-Up Magic Kit.

Also included is a Standard Size Magician's Choice Performance Mat by Ronjo. This is your stage, perform all your effects on our mats!

Green -Standard Close Up Mat
Get the attention and respect your magic deserves. Showcase it on a Magician's Choice Performance Mat by Ronjo. Our close-up mats have a thick rubber backing that grips the table eliminating unwanted movement. The durable hand washable surface is perfect for silent moves and super-smooth card spreads. Our close-up Pads allow objects to be picked up quickly and easily.  Great for stage or close up!

And just who relies on the Magician's Choice Performance Mat?
David Roth, Eric DeCamps, Terry Lunceford, Bob Fitch, Simon Lovell, Dan Fleshman, Doc Eason, Johnny Thompson and Lennert Green, just to name a few. If these Living Legends of Magic rely on the Magician's Choice Performance Mat for their professional routines. You will too!

Coin In The Bottle Gimmick, Plus booklet of 40 effects with the coin gimmick
Borrow a quarter and it visibly penetrates the side of any bottle!

Get the most out of your Coin In The Bottle with the included booklet that teaches you 40 different effects, besides the standard Coin In The Bottle. Now you can Bite A Coin in half and visibly restore it, Make a coin vanish in midair, plus 38 more effects with the included special coin!

Got Tu Win!
One of the most diabolical card tricks ever!
Show three cards; one with a green diamond and two with a red diamond. If the spectator can keep their eye on the green diamond wins a dollar, but if they are wrong, he will lose a dollar. No No matter, there is no Green Diamond! They are all Red Diamonds! No wait there is a green and a red one! They lose $7.00 but can make it double or nothing. In the end, the last card is turned over and it says $14.00. They owe you money!

Slow motion transformation. The rod has a sapphire, ruby and topaz jewel on each side. One at a time the stones change to diamonds. You may the change them back to their original colors, either one at a time or all at once!

New comers to the magic world will love to start with this simple but effective paddle. A great way to start them out before introducing them to the more advanced ones.


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