Ronjo Gift Card - $5.00 (Ronjo)

Purchase an e-gift card from our website!
Gift cards are excluded from sales and promotions.

Instructions for Purchasing and Redeeming a GIFT CARD.

This is a virtual item. If you purchase one or more of these, select NO SHIPPING option at the bottom during checkout. We will email you your confirmation.

If you purchase one or more virtual items with one or more tangible item, you must select an actual shipping method! We will ship your product/s and email your virtual item/s.

1. Select the desired card value
2. Select quantities of cards
3. Enter into your cart and proceed to checkout.
4. After receiving your order confirmation email, send an email to with the recipient's contact information. We need their Name, Address, Phone Number and Email address.
5. We will then change the purchaser’s account information to the recipient’s information.
6. A store credit for the gift card amount will be created for the gift card receiver.
6. We will send an email to the recipient with the value of the gift and who it is from.

1. The recipient must bring a copy of the email that we sent into our store. We will use that copy towards your payment.
2. Unused funds will go back into your account.
3. Remaining credit may be used on a future visit by supplying us with valid I.D.

1. It is not possible for the recipient to use a gift card directly from our website.
2. The recipient must contact us by phone at 631-928-5005 or via email at
3. We will pull up your account and take a phone order.
4. Please have the item number/s of the product/s you desire as well as the quantities.
5. If a partial amount of the e-card is used, funds will be available for you on a future order.
8. If there is a balance owed after the card is used, we can take a credit card on the spot or create a PayPal invoice for the balance. Whichever you prefer.

Gift cards are excluded from sales and promotions.

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